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    Custom Botanical Facial Oil

    homemade facial oil ingrediants lark and field inspired

    “Where’s all my money? It’s on my face.”

    I’m sure most of us have heard this phrase or had a similar thought before. This wasteful spending can happen to the most aware and knowledgeable of consumers: We see the advertisement pulling us in with words such as luxurious, dewy, baby soft, glowy, nourishing, perfecting and we are convinced the $75 brand name moisturizer is obviously better than the Target brand $16 moisturizer.

    For years I suffered with problem skin. I was terrified to apply anything greasy, oily, or creamy on my face because no doubt those items would clog my pores and break me out. I wanted my face to be as dry as possible and I had no idea natural oils or anti oxidants could help skin. My fear of facial creams continued until after my skin was clear but in those years I was aging. At this time in my life I was simply waiting around to take care of my skin until another issue was apparent. The thought of wrinkles didn’t worry me. I was forever 30 in my mind, and that is far too young for wrinkles! But panic ensued when I came across an article stating that skincare should be taken seriously at all ages and fine lines can begin at 25. I felt scared that I had irreversible damage so I got up the courage to try a moisturizer on my face for the first time. Then that opened the floodgates to start buying skincare products rapidly. I was determined that I would “reverse” any damage my skin had already encountered by buying the most expensive items I could find. Sephora was taking all of my money but I justified it as saving my skin.

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  • DIY Essential Oils

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